A New Outfit for Miss. Pig


Thinking to make Miss. Pig a new dress and cardigan today!  But not sure which colour for the sweater? Sage, teal, rose or brown?  Miss. Pig has her knitting basket all ready too!

A Sweater For a Pig

Because I have a lot of other projects on the go right now, it is taking me quite some time to complete my new pig but I did manage to knit up this miniature sweater for her last night while watching a scary movie!


Miss. Pig

Working on a new pig today!  Trying to decide if she plays guitar or violin?  I’m leaning towards violin I think.  I mean how cute is that bow and violin case?  But the guitar and stand are pretty adorable too. Will need to wait until she’s all finished to make the final decision!

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday.  The sun is shining here in Bronte, Oakville and I’m inside watching Doc. Martin and felting lol!  When the boy is napping I have to take advantage and craft!